September 28th | September 29th


The first Eurofiling workshop dates back 2005, being TODE’17 our 24th event, in this occasion in collaboration with BR-AG as creators of TODE’16. The audience for TODE’17 is estimated in about 100 people across Europe, plus other 100 locals (most from the hosting University). See details of past workshops at 2017Q2, 2016, 2015, 2014winter, 2014spring, 2013w, 2013s, 2012w & 2012s. Last two workshops (200 people each) gives these percentages: Head: 11%. Software Engineer: 10%. Manager: 8%. Project Manager: 7%. Financial Reporting: 6%. Director: 6%. Product Manager: 5%. CEO: 5%. XBRL Leader: 5%. Chair: 4%. Consultant: 4%. Technical Manager: 4%. Professor: 4%. Developer: 4%. Business Development: 4%. Business Analyst: 4%. Director : 3%. Partner: 2%. Economist : 2%. Student: 2%. Researcher: 2%. Freelance: 1%.

The Eurofiling workshops are based in “Ones who know” voluntary speakers: Presentation files are to be made public unless stated otherwise. Affiliations of speakers reflects their involvement in collaborative activities. As most of the hosting Institutions are Regulators, the information is always neutral and never commercial. Eurofiling is a non for profit Community of voluntary experts, based in Internet, without income or expenses. Therefore, all the workshops are registration free.

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