Dr. Mirek Sopek

Vice President of the Board @ MakoLab SA

Mirek Sopek graduated from the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics of the Technical University of Łódź with the title of Master of Science in Technical Physics, and in 1992 he obtained the PhD in Chemical Sciences (Theoretical Chemistry) at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Technical University of Łódź.

Between 1983 and 1992, he was lecturer in the Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry of the Technical University of Łódź. In 1989 he created MakoLab – at first a small business operating in the field of digital publishing, transformed later into a web-oriented company. Between 1996 and 2000 he worked abroad, first as developer in HyperCube (Waterloo, Canada), then as director of IT projects and system designer in HyperCube Inc. in Gainseville, Florida (US).

In 2007 he transformed MakoLab into a joint stock company and led its IPO on the NewConenct market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. He was first President of the Board of MakoLab S.A. Since March, 7th 2007, he has been vice-President of the Board. Parallel to his work in business, he is also active in scientific and educational domains. Between 1992 and 1995 he was an adjunct professor in the Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry of the Technical University of Łódź, while from 2000 he was an adjunct professor in the Academy of Humanities and Economics Łódź, where, between 2002 and 2009, he led the faculty of e-commerce.

Since 2009 Mirek Sopek has led “mSemantic” – MakoLab’s Semantic Web-oriented division. In this capacity, he rendered MakoLab the primary source of expertise for automotive and e-commerce applications of Semantic Technologies. Since 2012, Mirek Sopek supervises the annual conference devoted to Semantic Technologies entitled MSD (MakoLab Semantic Day), organized annually in Paris.

In mid-2013, he became the President of Chemical Semantics, Inc. – the company created jointly by MakoLab and an American partner in Gainesville Florida.

Since September 2013, Mirek Sopek leads MakoLab’s cooperation with EDMC (Enterprise Data Management Council). The cooperation is primarily focused on Semantic Technologies for the financial industry, with strong emphasis on FIBO – Financial Industry Business Ontology. In parallel, Mirek is active in the area of semantic technologies for automotive industries. In this capacity he, together with his co-workers contributed greatly to the automotive extension for schema.org (a web scale vocabulary run by major search engines including Google) that became public in 2015.