Eric Cohen

Owner @ Cohen Computer Consulting

Eric Cohen is the founder, owner and technology coach for Cohen Computer Consulting, a CPA firm (New York) specializing in assisting organizations in their assessment and implementation of emerging accounting and audit technology, such as Audit Data Standards, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, Continuous Auditing and XBRL.

Mr. Cohen is one of the original founders of XBRL and the chief architect of XBRL’s Global Ledger Taxonomy Framework (XBRL GL). He has served in a wide variety of leadership and technical roles for XBRL International and XBRL US, as well as being an ambassador from XBRL to a wide variety of other professional and standards organizations. He is a domain coordinator for accounting and audit standardization for the United Nations, an Expert as recognized by the International Organization for Standardization in working groups on audit data standardization and Blockchain, and regularly involved in the development of audit and assurance specifications and standards in areas such as assurance on XBRL, data analytics and audit data standardization.