Henning Diedrich

CEO @ Claryon UG

Henning is a blockchain veteran from Berlin. He was with
the Ethereum crowd from 2014 and later became the
architect of IBM’s Hyperledger blockchain. For the
European Commission, Henning leads a small posse of
core crypto devs giving advise about what and what isn’t
possible in regtech using this technology. He also leads the
implementation of an innovative crypto supply chain
solution for a Fortune 500 company. Henning researches
the future of smart contract languages with support out of
MIT and Stanford and wrote the Amazon bestseller on the
blockchain Ethereum.
Henning worked as lead in fintech, regtech and game
development. He developed a language and virtual machine
for the insurance industry that became a de facto standard,
gave talks on functional languages and is an evangelizer for
VoltDB, the best distributed databases out there.
As a serial entrepreneur, Henning created, financed and
guided multiple start ups, as CEO and CTO, hands-on or as
a mentor. He worked as programmer, adviser,
trouble-shooter coder and system architect.