Montse Guardia

Digital Challenge Director @ Banco Sabadell Group

With 20 years of experience managing the delivery of innovative programs & operations, working in Global Corporations, Montse has dedicated the last 5 years to build bridges between Start-ups and Corporations Worlds, working closer to teams approaching the use of “cutting-edge” technologies and entrepreneur competencies as means to delivery new service models. She has delivered organizational transformation programs. Before her current role at Banco Sabadell Group, as Software Engineering Services Director at Technip, she led a worldwide team to manage globally the IT Projects Portfolio, providing key business strategic software applications according to needs. Prior, she was Chief Operations Officer of Atos Origin for South America, and she has been responsible of the IT Services management of Major Events (4 Olympic Games, Pan-American Games, and several World Cups and UN Summit). She has a working and living experience in 7 countries of 4 continents. She is a regular contributor on mentoring programs and staff member of social innovation programs.