Werner Bijkerk

Head of Research @ IOSCO

Werner Bijkerk (1973, the Netherlands) is Head of the Research Department of IOSCO. He is the driving force behind the launch and development of IOSCO┬┤s risk analysis. He also serves as the IOSCO representative to the Financial Stability Board’s Assessment Group on Vulnerabilities. Furthermore he is the Secretariat’s coordinator of the IOSCO Committee on Emerging Risk. He also is a frequent speaker and trainer of finance professionals and students and he is author of numerous articles, reports and columns. He is a member of the advisory council to the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts (IEAF) and the Spanish Foundation of Financial Research (FEF).

Before heading the Research Department he was responsible for the design of the post-financial crisis strategy of IOSCO and the coordination for IOSCO’s policy work in the secondary markets, financial market infrastructures, and derivatives. Prior to IOSCO in 2009 he worked for over a decade in economic research and strategy consultancy at Nyenrode University and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Prior to this he was running a firm in the private sector.

Werner is a leading expert in the design and implementation of regulatory strategies to improve investor protection, market efficiency and the identification and mitigation of risks. He has deep knowledge of markets, products and regulation but also of the needs of the industry. He launched a business desk and innovation room at the AFM that helps guid financial firms through the regulatory process. Werner is an economist and art & architectural historian by training.